Issue with assembling CSV Tables

This shows the problem in it’s entirety basically. It says there are no errors, but then it pulls this stunt with an exception. I understand what the exception means, but I don’t understand what in the tables would trigger it.

That’s not an issue with assembling CSV tables. The tables assemble just fine. Note how the error occurs after EA starts running which is only after c2ea finishes. Interesting that it’s an unhandled exception. What gets installed immediately after music? Try commenting things out until the error doesn’t persist.

it only happens when I include tables.

If that’s so, then why do you not get an error before the table space message? Plus, we can’t really help unless you post what part you suspect is problematic.

I found a work around, but thanks anyway.

Glad to hear it, but it’s helpful to share what you did to remedy your issue for those searching and finding this post with a similar issue.

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I used a copy of the tables I dumped from the ROM (porting a hack to buildfiles) and pasted them into fresh CSV files. Was a pain, but it worked.