Isekai Emblem: The Tales Two [Complete, v1.2.4]

UPS and Readme.txt containing credits: Dropbox - Isekai Emblem - Simplify your life

Update: Recruitment Guide (contains minor joinable unit spoilers, nothing major) - Isekai Emblem Recruitment - Google Sheets

According to this article, of which I am admittedly relying on a redditor’s translation because my Japanese reading skill is probably on par with or inferior to that of a kindergartener, Kadokawa established a one-Isekai-per-season policy back in the beginning of 2019, over two years ago now. This got me thinking: where is the FEU one-Isekai-per-season policy? I see new hacks being released with ever-increasing frequency and yet, like, no (advertised) traveling to another world as an overpowered person from the modern day.

So I’ve decided to rectify that.

Isekai Emblem: The Tales Two is a story about some people who are sent from our world into a fantasy world with magic and horses and they have to fire emblem their way back to their original plane of existence. It is a direct sequel to The Dragon Herald, but you do not have to have played that game to play this one; having played my first game will instead provide context to the geopolitical climate in place at the beginning of this game, which of course no one cares about.

Gameplay-wise, this is a fairly gimmicky hack with 23 (give or take 7) chapters where each unit has 0 to 1 skills at their disposal. There’s more than a few goofy map objectives and a helluva lot of weird weapons. Very importantly, and I cannot stress this enough, there will be two or three points in the story where you lose access to some of your characters because their motivations for joining you in the first place do not compel them to stay. You are therefore encouraged to train at least somewhat broadly like for The Dragon Herald where the final map has 24 deployment slots (spoilers).

Here are the screenshots from the meme version of the post, as they are, after all, pretty good screenshots.

bad guys with guns


armor knight cleric


fishing minigame



*I promised racism in a comment on a Xetetic video but nationalism is both more fitting and easier to execute in a palatable manner

water temple


fog of war for the first half of a map but then I get rid of it in the second half because fog of war is inherently unfair design like ambush spawns and should be used both cautiously and with a solid design or narrative purpose




'story' chapters with 1-2 playable characters


fire emblem*

*Note: This game does not contain a fire emblem.

This hack is something of a personal project for me. Ever since I was a wee tike, I’ve always wanted to write a trash isekai. Obviously this was before the genre (or indeed manga/anime) really took off in the west, but the fundamental idea was there: I wanted to make a Fire Emblem game where me and my homies got exploded in our school bus and ended up in a fantasy world. As time went on, I sort of put this idea off to the side until recently when I realized that, with the advent of FEBuilder, I could make my young shitposting dreams come true.

Finally, some of you may die in the prologue. Please watch the FEE3 Trailer if you died in the prologue and need a hint.

F2U/F2E Assets (Warning: Spoilers)

I mustered my single molecule of design ability to make two assets for this hack. The first is the fish icons, which I’ve submitted to the repo thread prior and are F2U/F2E if you really need fish for whatever reason.

The second is the Hero with a glock animation. It’s just the handaxe animation with a shitty edit on it. If you want to use it, go ahead, but if anyone makes a better version, lmk so I can use that instead lmao

Known Bugs
  • Canto+ messes with the chapter gimmick of 16a, causing you to possibly lose out on a unit turn or your Canto. I lack the expertise to fix this properly, so please refrain from using Sharon in this chapter (or do so at your own risk).
  • The chapter title will occasionally be blank at the start of a chapter. If anyone knows what causes this, please let me know.

1.0 - Initial Release
1.0.1 - Error causing lord to disappear by Chapter 4 fixed. Please let me know if you have a save file with this error and need it unborked.
1.0.2 - Palette fixes.
1.0.3 - Animation fix.
1.0.4 - Adventurer fixed to have all bow access (except longbows).
1.0.5 - Soldier can now promote with Earth Seal.
1.0.6 - Death quotes fixed.
1.0.7 - Captain banner class lock fixed.
1.0.8 - Automatic support gain crash fixed.
1.0.9 - Fixed unit alliance setting in Chapter 16.
1.0.10 - Added warning about known bug in game for Chapter 16a.
1.0.11 - Properly remove character from party if she is not permanently recruited.
1.1.0 - Fixed double recruitment error, removed accidental armories/vendors, typo fix.
1.1.1 - Fixed Captain constitution.
1.1.2 - Fixed starting weapon rank for new recruit.
1.2.0 - Added Kaitou-style MMB.
1.2.1 - Chapter 3 map rearrangement, chapter 7 boss inventory update, chapter 8 dialogue update.
1.2.2 - Added dummy talk conversation mirrors to trigger Skill System Talk indicator for recruitables.
1.2.3 - Fixed bad end continuing into good end (hopefully).
1.2.4 - Fixed green unit having 0 CON.
1.2.5 - Rejoin units missing for final battle to get character endings.


Babe wake up new BigMood hack


If this mc doesn’t get a harem 3 chapters in than you have failed to follow through on your unnecessarily long title


ah yes, my favorite isekai, the rising of the shield cavalier!




This is another level of tomfoolery I never before thought possible.


May i know how many chapters this masterpiece holds ?


I can see the future


Will we get to meet You from the Dragon Herald series?


jk no spoil


No racism? I feel so betrayed, we were promised racism :pensive:

In all seriousness this looks blursed as fuck and i can’t wait to play it


I got a 6 AM timeslot and forgot that I am a human that cannot wake up that early, so I’ll release the actual patch at 9 PM the previous day. Hope everyone’s enjoying FEE3 so far, lotta sick trailers.



Question. Did you get the dragon rider dude with an assault rifle as the final boss?


Sadly not, all of my extremely limited asset-making skills were consumed just making a glock hero.

.ups is posted, I will be sound asleep when the trailer drops lmao.


I watched the showcase for FEE3 quality control and have been looking forward to release. I wanted to play more of it before writing up a reply (presumably full of praises) but some important issues came up in particular.

In ch3, it automatically moves to enemy phase if the lord is the last to not take an action, thus skipping her turn.

IN ch4, there’s 6 deploy slots, but the lord has vanished from existence.
Isekai Emblem-5

I don’t think this is intentional, and a quick look via the ol’ builder seems to show that she’s still has the state of ‘escaped’ set in ch2, which seems to be the cause of the weirdness for both these aspects?

Another thing is that I’m pretty stupid, but I couldn’t puzzle way to get the lord to escape for prologue without getting the swordmaster killed. I think this is intentional, and it doesn’t matter at all, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Edit: A minor thing forgot to mention:
The soldier palette here seems a bit borked, with the green outline and mismatching colours.
And also the green outline on the sword soldier. I had a lot of issues myself with these generic green outlines, seems to be some kind of builder thing.

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lmao thanks for playing.

Lord Issue

I think I know what’s causing this one and it’s my own extremely lazy testing style. Out of curiosity, I’m assuming you did not “recruit” the lord in chapter 2, correct? If so, I think I can fix this (and possibly update your save to unbork it if you don’t want to replay chapter 3).

Edit: Fixed this, boutta drop another .ups (didn’t wanna double post).


This is intentional and in fact mentioned in the trailer.


I am aware of this but am far too lazy to fix that so that’s going in the ‘Known Bugs’ list forever.

Edit: lmao jk fixed thanks epicer

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Sword Soldier:
Enemy: 765EFF7FFF6B1F4B2E19FB3E76328F0D9877F36EEC51BF3AFF14D6100B04A514
NPC: 765EFF7FFF6B1F4B2E19FB3E76328F0D9877F36EEC51F4276B27A60E820DA514

Gun dude:
Enemy: 5553FF7FFF6B1F4B2E193F2B3F1A58055E5B6F5E8841373A3F463B151004A514
NPC: 5553FF7FFF6B1F4B2E193F2B3F1A5805FB5B6F5E8841373AE923061BE31DA514

Just copy/paste these into the palettes in the battle animation editor.


Oh damn, thanks a ton!

On a side note I never knew what the palettes included in the battle animations were meant for until this very moment, my life is a lie.

This bugged animation here can be fixed by changing the AP in the class’s moving map sprite editor to 1-5 (sniper/zephiel king).
Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 10.20.58 AM

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