Is this normal?

I was trying to recruit Rennac on chapter 14B (Ephraim) with Ephraim because my L’Arachel was level 1, and my Ephraim got hit by a sleep staff and i got pissed off so i mashed the Reset button… and then THIS happened…

It’s amusing for me, and it also putt off my bad mood from Ephraim being put to sleep.

Looks like when you hit Ctrl+R to reset, you also accidentally hit Ctrl+4 which toggles the visibility of one of the background layers in VBA. The Ctrl+[number] combinations in VBA can sometimes be useful for ripping things like spell animations and backgrounds.

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Oooohh, so THAT’S what it was, Thanks!
I was pretty close to just downloading a new FE:TSS rom and porting the saves.