Is There A Way To Make A Class or Unit Unable To Trade

I’m working on FE8 in FeBuilder and I’d like to stop a class from trading similar to how the summoned phantom works. However, I do not want to overwrite that slot. Does anyone know a fix? I can’t seem to find a patch for this, but I could be blind.

Hey @Salamander, saw this post and I think I have a solution for you. When you look at the character editor, there should be a clickable box at the bottom next to a line called “Supply.” While the description says it is unused in FE8, I’ve had success with enabling this box to prevent a unit from trading.

Hope this helps!

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This does have one caveat, the unit is not avaliable on prep screens. It may be possible to trigger this setting and then untrigger it at different points in time.

Character data bitflags like “Lord” or “Supply” are in ROM and cannot be altered midgame.

However, you could simply make a copy of said character and change the unit’s pointer address as desired. Of course, deny prep screen access and cannot trade are tied together, so if you made the character able to show up in prep menus with my above suggestion, they’d be able to trade there anyway.

I think asm is required.