Is there a way to increase maximum map size?

Quick question here, and kind of an odd one: Is it possible to expand the space the ROM allots for chapter maps? I am mostly curious to see if it would be possible to recreate Genealogy maps.

From what I have found, the formula (found by 2WB) for the maximum map size is 2x + xy >= 1634. Applying this formula, largest, mostly square map is 41x38 tiles. FEBuilder refuses to allow a map to be larger than 40x39 tiles, which has an area of two tiles greater. Given that the largest maps in the series are 64x64 tiles, much larger than what is allowed, I wonder if it is possible to have any larger maps. And yes, I know the minimap would have a stroke if it read this.

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With a decompilation of fe8u - yes, it wouldn’t be too hard if you are comfortable working with a decomp/buildfiles.

Without one (ours is far from complete) or as an febuilder user - it is probably too difficult to be worth anyone’s time. I don’t want to call anything impossible, but I would personally not even bother trying in this case. Even if we knew how, you’d have to run a custom build of EMS / skillsys, which most users seem to be allergic to.