Is there a way to extract and edit an animation from the ROM?

So I’m aware that you are able to extract the animation file from the ROM, but then you aren’t able to convert them back into PNG frame I’m trying to find the Balistician frames to edit, as well as Shaman frames and Super Jeigen from FE6 Roy’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s frustrating that not everything is on spritersresource.

What do you mean by “convert them back into PNG frame”? You can use FEditor to insert properly formatted animations back into the game.

I guess what I mean is to turn a file like these

back into individual frames like these

Assuming everything being used is compatible with one another, version of ROM, version of FEditor, etc, you can use FEditor to extract the animations from the ROM itself. Use the ‘dump’ function in FEditor, Class Animation Manager. I’m currently in the process of transfering the monster sprites from FE8 to FE7 and this is how I’m doing it. I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong but when I extract the animation files they come in the .dmp files and also the seperate frame by frames, and as well as the ones where they look all smushed together.

I think I’m doing a shitty job of explaining what I’m trying to do. I’m aware you can export animations from one ROM to another, what I’m trying to do is edit some of the actual frames before I reinsert it.

No I understood what you’re asking. I’m saying the png files that you are after, are also exported, the same files you want to edit in photoshop or whatever before re-inserting.

I’m also using a special version of FEditor to export them as well, its called FEditor Adv Render Edition

So I need Feditor Adv Render to get the frames? I just tried it with normal Feditor and only got the sheets.

Personally, I haven’t tried it with normal FEditor. I’ve been told to use FEditor Adv Render and these are my results, if you search around, there is a thread I made a while back asking for help on this matter.

Just tried it on both, you need Adv Render to get the frames. Thanks!

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Download link to FEditor Adv Render, please? :slight_smile:
I thought that wasn’t possible as well, @ukulelej. Thank you for bringing this up.

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