Is there a way to disable dropdown menus in favor of manually entering an offset in Nightmare?

Hey guys. Merry Christmas. So I’ve been struggling with animation insertion for quite a while. All I need to do is change the Battle Animation Pointer and it should be good to go. However, my version of nightmare won’t let me type in my pointer. Instead I have to select it from the dropdown menu, but my pointer isn’t in the dropdown. I tried to change the BattleAnimation.txt file so it would work , but no luck.

to do it the way you wanted to, you need to increase the number at the top of Battle Animations.txt by one - that line tells the module how many entries to expect in the file.

to change it to an entry box, open the nightmare module (the .nmm file itself) in a text editor and scroll down to the entry you want to change (it should be the set of lines containing Battle Animations.txt) and change the last two lines from NDHU and the text file to NEHU and NULL, respectively.

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Thank you so much. One more question about animations. For the custom animation editor there are only 4 selections each. What if a class has four or more different weapons?

It just keeps reading until the next separator byte, so you can spill over into the next entry if you want. The 4 weapons per class thing is arbitrary