Is there a Solution for FEDITOR CSA PROBLEM?

Hi there, this animation has the particularity that the sprites it uses are enormous…It works fine in every mode except when dodged at close range, but it can be dodged at long range without a problem. The animations that stalled it so far are Nergal an Fae…I don’t know if that helps.

Here is the dodge code:
/// - Mode 12 #Attack Missed Animation
S28 #Sound 223 SE:Mamkute roar
1 p- FOMORTIIS_001.png
C03 #Start attack animation; should be followed by 0x07
C07 #Start attack animation; should be preceeded by 0x03
C05 #Call spell associated with equipped weapon
8 p- FOMORTIIS_002.png
1 p- FOMORTIIS_002.png
C04 #Prepare HP depletion routine; needed to animate return to standing frame after hit
C01 #
1 p- FOMORTIIS_001.png
C06 #Begin opponent’s turn after code 0D.
C0D #End of dodge animation. preceeded by 0x06

I’ve no idea why it’d work at one range but not the other, but try taking out the C04? I checked a couple other scripts and it doesn’t look like it’s used for magic attacks.

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Ok, i will try that one

Changed the Spell animation…it turns out it is the spell animation -_-
Just cofirmed it, it is the spell animation, is a custom one…dang it, it looked so cool