Is there a good way to do weapon ineffectiveness?

What I’m essentially trying to do is make the opposite of a rapier, i.e. something that does less damage to armored and mounted units. I could just create a new effectiveness pointer and make the weapon effective against every other class, but I think that would make the weapon look worse than it actually is due to the lower might (it would read as having, for example 4 might, when, after effectiveness, it has 12 against most enemies), and discourage the player from actually using it.

I haven’t seen anything like this, so I’m not sure if it’s doable without asm. It’s ultimately not too big of a deal, but if anyone knows a better way of doing this, it would be nice. Thanks.

You could increase defense of those units but no, outside of asm there isn’t a way that comes to mind
I know there’s a mod for x0 effectiveness, see if you can find that and maybe you can modify it accordingly

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Ok. I didn’t think there would be anything, but I figured it would be worth asking. I don’t know much about asm stuff, so I’ll probably just stick with making it effective against every other class. Thanks for the response.

I changed effectiveness for Pokemblem. I did it by running a custom build with these files, but you may be able to do this part by itself if you are comfortable with some EA.

I made special cases for if the Effectiveness Coefficient was 9, 7, 2, or 1.

For example, I wrote that “immune” effectiveness reduces hitrate by 60 and damage by 45.

Feel free to modify this code to meet your own needs. If you need some help with this, we are happy to assist.

Just a disclaimer: this was basically my first asm hack, so it may not be done in an ideal way. It seems to work fine for my project, though, so whatever.


I mean putting effectiveness on all unit types then deselecting the ones you want ineffective…

it’s not a good method but it’s a method