Is there a custom animation/class assets for a female taguel?

Making a game where I self insert me and my friends into FE8 and was wondering… Is there a way to add a taguel class in? Cause one of my friends is like a bunny girl online avatar type of thing, so like… putting two and two together, I thought… ‘Hey, that would be cool to do~’ and so was wondering if it’s possible? I already did check the like… idk, the custom animations like… thingy, but I only saw one that was very much Yarne, which is cool, just… Well, they’re a trans woman lol. Idk if it’s a great idea to like… give them a male looking sprite.

But yeah, I can pay a bit of money if people wanna make one, if it’s not a thing that exists already? I don’t have that much, plus idk exactly what that would cost, plus I would let anyone else use it if they ever wanted, but yeah I have like 10-15 bucks I could spare on this, sorry if that’s way too little lol. It really is just a small little passion project though, and am sure I could make them like a wyvern or an armored knight lol, just thought to ask lol~

But yeah, that’s about all I have to say, idek how to add a custom class into fe8 anyway so maybe it’s best if I don’t get this working, but well, should always at least ask for help before giving up on it. I hope anyone who reads this has a great day, byebye~

I read your post diagonally and went straight into the repository but it seems you’ve already found the yarne animations lol, it may be because its been so long since I have played awakening but I taught it was panne at first so I think it should be fine as long as you put a female portrait.

As for how to do that you can i’m sure you could use Fire Emblem Builder and one of the many many tutorials on youtube, it looks daunting but then I realised 70% of the screen isn’t necessary to understand anyway.

All my experience with FEbuilder is replicating mekkah’s Lyn in fe6 for fun so cant really help you much more nor make custom animations.

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Maybe, could try to alter palettes and make it look more like her, but is difficult lol~ But yeah, I guess could try to do that, idk, just is gonna be hard for me not to see Yarne in there, but it could work~ Again, I’d like a more explicitly female sprite preferably, but well, beggars can’t be choosers and all that~

Thanks again for the help though, will give the animation another look and just see if it looks like it could work lol~

Have talked with them a bit about it more though, and they might be willing to settle on a different class, idk what though~ So yeah, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out, but I hope they don’t mind after I told them there’s bunnies in FE~ (They’ve never played it before lol)