Is there a complete and good ROM for FE8 where you play an evil character or at least not a good guy?

I just want to play a ROM where I can have a character that is not those good hearted guy. It doesn’t need to be the main character, it can be a secondary one that we recruit. Thanks.

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why don’t you try it yourself

There one called FE7 Boss Recruitment where it’s just vanilla Fire Emblem the Blazing Blade but you can recruit some of the bosses like Glass Wire and Denning even major antagonist like Sonia Limstella and Ursula. Some bosses even have new dialogues like boss conversations with others bosses and all bosses even have ending. So yeah i highly recommend you check it out.

the heroes we deserve
you should try that


Bandit Emblem by RandomWizard



(working on it)

Hmmm. Interesting

Bandit Emblem RW is very good