Is there a 0growth patch?

Is there a easy way to make a 0 growth patch?
Better not to affect other functions, such as the ability floating of the enemy

Playable characters use personal growth rates. so in theory and my best guess is that most 0 growths patch just turn all those numbers to 0. Easy enough to do through builder. but if you wanna make it faster and less tedious I’m fairly certain you can export character bases and growths to a form excel or other apps like it can accept. From there just turn all the growth rates to 0 and import that back


DAT is right. Here’s how:

Open character editor
Double click Selection
Choose Export as CSV
Edit in excel/libreoffice/googledocs
Back in febuilder double click Selection
Choose import and select the .CSV file you edited

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ORG $2BA28
SHORT $B5F0 $4657 $464E $4645 $B4E0 $B084 $1C07 $F7FF $FFDD


For FE8U

what if i dont know who can be required?


holy shit

You mean you don’t know how many units are gonna be playable?, humm. In builder characters that use personal growths are only limited to a certain amount of entries, guess you could just change the growths of those entries to 0? I don’t quite know where the limit is tho, somebody else should know