IS ripping off hacks (humor)

My example is: Fates was supposed to be a loose remake of the last promise. Kelik was so edgy that he split the game into three routes. He was removed before he could do any more damage. Xander was based on sigfried, and was supposed to betray you on what was turned into BR 25(?) Unless he achieved an A support with the avatar. He was made younger to make his S support with Tamiko less messed up. Unfortunately, they ended up taking away all the great characters. The Xander/Ryoma situation at the start in which you used a Prepromote to take on another prepromote when your army is at a really low level is based off of Levion and Howard. Fortunately, all these crazy changes resulted in turning a fantastic story into an even better one!

IS ripped off IS’ famicom wars fangame, Fire Emblem

oh there’s the humor

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What are you saying? Fates is the pinnacle of plot. How many times do we bring up, say, the plot of fire emblem 7? How about 8? No, we mention Fates because it has embedded itself in our hearts

They just ripped off Famicom wars

Huh, I thought they ripped Super Mario Bros. 3

IS ripped off Genealogy of the Holy War’s world creation story in Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.
Gods gave fighters these weapons? That sounds familiar. What about the idea of units holding a legendary weapon from their respective kingdoms (Of course, looking at the ‘suggested’ weilders through the units from said houses)? A prince getting taken over by an evil entity?

Actually, that’s very true

Is ripped off Shrek the third when they made Sacred Stones

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IS ripped off their own game with FE Echoes. How low is that??

I did stairs years before Fates.