Is it possible to set global flags with FEBuilderGBA?

I’m working on an FE7 romhack. I want to create a split (calling one of two events) based on whether a certain gaiden chapter that occurred several chapters previously was completed. Is this possible? And if so, how do I do it? I tried setting flags, but they seem to be reset at either the start or end of each chapter.

The bottomportion of the flaglist are global flags that are called…global flags. They can be set during events with the command “Flag on” like any other flag. I mean, I don’t exactly understand the issue because it usually always works without issue.

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Well, y’see, there’s a really good reason why I didn’t use any of those.
,I’m new to romhacking and didn’t know they exist.

(Silliness aside, thanks for pointing those out to me!)

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By the way, it is highly recommended that you hack fe8 instead of fe7 if you are creating a custom game. It is pretty easy to pull most assets from fe7 (eg. maps, char stats, portraits), but incredibly difficult to port custom asm to fe7 if you have no asm experience. In short, this means that fe8 has lots of patches while fe7 has very few. The only time you should hack fe7 is if you want to reskin it. Eg. Keep all chapters the same, but alter growths or characters etc.

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I’m already ten chapters in, so I don’t really feel like transferring over to Sacred Stones now. I’m definitely going to use it for future projects, though.

The main reason I went with FE7 was because I wanted to have a Lyn Mode type thing.

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Don’t listen to the haters, FE7 all the way!

There are reasons one would want to work in Fe7, but FE 8 is far more popular with more custom ASM (and frankly more you can do with the default game engine)

It comes down the to hack creator’s discretion.

What’s Lyn Mode exactly? Regardless, couldn’t such a thing be implemented in FE8?

In FE7, the first ten chapters have Lyn as your main character. Afterwards, there’s a timeskip, you switch main characters, and you start a new adventure where you slowly meet up with characters from Lyn’s story over time. Those characters have differing levels and stats depending on their growths in Lyn’s story, and if they “died” there, their stats will be much weaker.

At the time I started working, this was exactly what I wanted for my romhack’s story. (Though now, since I’ve made it Casual mode, there’s probably little difference between it and what base FE8 can do. It’s probably also possible to do all this in FE8 anyway, but I didn’t know that when I started.)

TBH, I do regret choosing FE7 to do this. FE8 seems like it’s way easier to work with.

That said, I like FE7 better (mainly due to personal bias) and I’m way too stubborn to let the fact that there’s an easier option stop me from utilizing the game I’ve set out to use.

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Yeah it’s possible to do this in FE8 (Lonely Mirror, a completed FE8 hack, basically has this).

Another thing about FE7 Lyn Mode is that it’s a separate mode. You can choose to skip it, and it has its own mini-ending and battle history screen. And in general, FE7’s events are far more simple to work with. FE8 eventing feels like ASM with less abbreviations, but FEBuilder does make it a little easier.

It’s primarily the switching lord and mini-ending (complete with credits) that I wanted.

I’ve come to this conclusion as well, pengie. without the knowledge of writing my own ASM to flag a branch between Lyn Normal and Lyn Hard I would have to alter both in order to alter maps for either. it’s a tough pill to swallow, yet it’s not a big deal since my project is essentially an FE7 reskin and my approach to the project hasn’t been too ambitious for me to be let down on such limitations.