Is it possible to give skills a random chance to appear on enemies?

Hello everyone, as it says in the title, I’m wondering if it’s possible for an Awakening style skill distribution among common enemies.

For those who don’t know, in Fire Emblem Awakening, enemies that aren’t bosses have a chance to be equipped with class skills. The mage for example, has a 20% to have Mag +2, or focus in hard mode, and a 40% in Lunatic.

The only way I can see this being done, is perhaps through a starting event, where a random number is rolled, and if it’s 20 or lower, that enemy gets a skill. That comes with it’s own problems: 1. If that enemy gets a skill, every enemy on the map sharing their Id number should technically gain it as well. 2. Every start event would have a block of commands for each enemy unit id for that chapter. And 3. From the little bit of testing I have done, the “Give [unitID] skill” command doesn’t seem to work for generics, like it might to player units.

That should about sum it up for the most part, if anyone has some insight, I’d love to hear anything you can share!

Design wise, I think it’s a bad idea, as skill bloat does not work nearly as well on the gba as it does on the 3ds. There are threads about skill bloat and it’s frequently discussed in #hack_design_meta on discord, so I won’t delve into it here.

In terms of whether it is possible - yes, it is. If you’re willing to learn a little C coding and how to use a buildfile, then it is no problem. But if you’re only going to use FEBuilder and aren’t interested in coding, then you won’t be able to do very much. Event shenanigans can probably teach enemies skills, but the default is to have skills saved in BWLData, which only exists for characters with a unit id of 0x45 or below. And, as you say, you won’t be able to teach enemies with identical unit IDs the same skill (unless it uses GetUnitByEventParameter, in which case you could teach it to the unit at coordinates in mem slot B). I haven’t checked if it lets you do that.

I think you could take a look at circles’ self randomizing rom if you’re interested in this sort of thing.