Is it possible to extend the level cap above 20? [FE8]

I found some patches to change level cap for individual classes and one to change the default cap, but when I set the cap higher than 20, they didn’t work. Is there even a way to extend the cap past 20 or is that not possible?

Yeah those are the same patches I use and I can go above 20, I set the cap at 40. But the issue is past 30 the game doesn’t save the data right, so everytime you reset the game, or resume a save if their above lv30, the game resets them to lv0x. So lv35 becomes lv05. Lv30 → lv0, etc etc etc.

Make sure your class level cap is raised too, for every class. Because my default is 40, but unless the class cap is raised it doesn’t do anything.

I actually discovered while playing mine just now that the default level cap patch actually did work, I just happened to be testing it earlier with units who had already reached level 20 before I applied the patch and it didn’t work on them. But another unit just went passed level 20 and kept on getting exp, so I guess it worked.

Is there any way to fix the level resetting problem? I was planning on having a few classes cap at level 30 but if there’s no way to fix it I can always just have it at 29 instead.

Um f you don’t mind how it looks on the level display and it is a few classes you can auto promote to a trainee class of the same name animation and slightly higher exp modifier. To account for level. I am pretty sure someone made an auto promote function a while back. I don’t really look at it anymore. But that would set you at 30.

31 is the max, not 29

5 bits max: #31 = 11111 in binary. 32 = 100000 in binary and since the first digit is out of range, it sees 00000 and turns level 32 into level 0 on suspend/resume.

You can save levels above 31 using ExpandedModularSave if you are familiar with a buildfile. I save level to Support Partner 6 Points personally.

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