Is fe8j have exmodularsave patch?

I play fe8 chinese version which is based on fe8 japanese version,and I want to expand my class in febuilder.but the question is fe8j don’t have class expansion patch such as exmodularsave,I search on internet but can’t find anything. :sweat_smile:

I don’t think so, sorry.

FE8J cannot be class extended.
This is because the class cannot be recorded in 8 bits in the save data expansion.

There was no particular reason to port EMS that conflicts with Autosave patch.

Because break save is the standard format for save data expansion used by FE8N, SkillSystems of FE8J.
break save expands supply to 200 to save the Skill data used by FE8N.
However, it records class data in 7bit instead of 8bit.
Therefore, classes 0x80 and beyond are not recorded and cannot be used.


thanks!I wonder is there a method to translate fe8u into chinese version?

There is a utf-8 patch so I can render Chinese as utf-8 with FE8U.
However, it is not easy because you have to import the font and rewrite the text.
It is only theoretically possible.

Mokha knows a lot about displaying Chinese, you should ask him.

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MokhaLeee/FE8U-UTF8InstallerCN: Chinese translation patch (via UTF8 encoding) for FE8U (

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thank you sir,I’m on the last step and it show me this:
makefile:25: *** "Please set DEVKITPRO in your environment. export DEVKITPRO=devkitpro
what should I do next?

Use a linux environment and then follow the step 3 in readme

export DEVKITPRO=/opt/devkitpro

export PATH=${DEVKITPRO}/tools/bin:$PATH
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Looks like I can’t upload my github address in a reply :rofl:

It worked! Thanks a lot, it works perfectly with ExmodularSave Patch. This problem has been bothering me for months, there is no solution on the Chinese Internet, I learn English just to solve it. I will upload the Chinese version rom to my github, maybe more people will use it. Finally, thank you again sincerely.

之前冬瓜应该在各个群里面发过美版技能模板,直接在 FEB 里导字库就可以。你可以去找一下。

原来是自己人 :laughing: 话说群号可以发一下嘛

我本人没有建群,联系我可以到 discord 联系

可以在中文论坛诸如贴吧或者 B 站上找一些教程发布者询问美版汉化模板的问题,这一技术本身早已扩散。目前难点主要是 CHAX 的构建与 decomp 等工作。

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