Introductory Induction of Indicated Introduction

Hello everyone, I am Kragrethenol, no not a prescription drug, just a name I thought was clever in high school for a short story I was writing that has stuck with me over the years due to its unique properties. I now find myself as a highly skilled and under appreciated work-horse at a small government organization creating Instructional Design content way below my capabilities. Anywho enough sob woe is me background, I discovered Fire Emblem late in the game ( I was in high school before I obtained my first GBA console) as FE7 was my first title where I became entranced with the gameplay of moving individual characters about in an all team at once turn based strategy that also engaged me with a development mechanic where your troops gain experience and level up making them a greater asset in the plethora of troops under your command. I played through the game, each chapter introducing new types and classes of units. Then I discovered Class changes and that immediately drew my connection mentally to a SNES title I had also come to love Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen, where instead of individual units you micro managed squads. Later in life, about college, where I had been appreciating other people’s hard work by carrying around zounds of ROMs and Emulators in my pocket hanging in digital space off my key chain on a flash drive. I was then introduced to the Disigea series very briefly where it was explained to me that not only could you micro manage the troops but also their weapons, by delving into them and purging them, allowing them to level and progress and I must admit, although intriguing, I felt overwhelmed by the compounded RPG upon RPG elements and never truly gave the series a try as at that point of my gaming (as a gamer not a developer) development and experience I had become a gaming specialist instead of a generalist. By this I mean that each day I would have to juggle my time as a professional, a student, a friend, a family member, and as a gamer. Feeling my time stretched thin I was only able to enjoy a few select games and almost regrettably I was introduced to the world of MMORPGs, which are fun and engaging but very time consuming, which is why they require a monthly subscription instead of a pay once and you own it concept for game enjoyment. At this point in my life I also found that I had a skill and a knack that I thought everyone had but was revealed to me that my skill was more unique than I thought, and that was game design. I started dabbling in board game design since I did not have the programming skills for developing a video game. The art skills I had, and was at the time pursuing a college education in animation, but due to some probably misconceived counsel from my parents abandoned the artistic world for the scholastic one and became a public school teacher instead (not teaching art either). I have since been married for 9 years, have three kids, (you know, mention those in passing lol) and currently spend 8 hours a day in an office setting where my skills and talents are supremely underappreciated and my creative side seeks for an escape on an almost hourly basis. Daily I fantasize about escaping to the game development world professionally as I feel I am a capable artist, now Javascript, HTML, and Python programmer, storyteller, game mechanic engineer and retro game enthusiast. So I discovered FE Builder and FE Universe and here I am. Nice to meet you all. If you have taken the time to read all of this and perceive that I have potential to help with any projects, as long as you are ok with me being new to rom hacking and all, I don’t mind learning and I look forward to a challenge to “cut my teeth on” before I endeavor to embark on my own storytelling adventures. So please if you have a project I can help with in anyway let me know. Like I said I am new but if you are patient with me I hope I can be of some assistance.


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