Introductions are Important!

A wise old man in a house in Chapter 1 once told me that “Introductions are Important! Without one, your account will rust and you cannot post without an account!”, so here’s my introduction to prevent such a terrible fate occurring:

Hello! I’ve been playing Fire Emblem ever since Sacred Stones came out and a friend lent it me, saying it was “like Advance Wars, but with swords instead of guns”. Since then, I have played the first three FEs, FE 6 through 9 and Three Houses. FE8 is still my favourite because of nostalgia, but excluding nostalgia I would say FE3 is the best as it feels the most Fire-Emblemy out of the ones I have played (of course, none of these games are as good as Advance Wars 1 and 2, but Fire Emblem games actually get released).
I’ve played many of the more well known FE hacks (Vision Quest, The Last Promise, Sacred Echoes, e.t.c.) and I’ve dabbled creating short hacks with FE Builder a little and hopefully I’ll be using this site into the future.


Welcome to the community Cornontherob! Hopefully you will have a great time here! Hope to see you around doing fun stuff, whether that be now or in the future!

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Be sure to enjoy your time here!

Advance Wars is hard I don’t understand capturing resource depots to build units. You’re probably smarter than me in that case :weary:
Glad to see that something KINDA scratches that itch for you. Have you tried Yggdra Union or Heroes Saga: Laevateinn Tactics? The latter is still an SRPG but has more of an Advance Wars vibe in gameplay imo.

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