Inserted MIDI's pitch is off [FE8]

I’ve inserted a large amount of MIDIs into my hack thus far without issue, but for some reason the pitch of certain notes in track 2 of the song I’m inserting don’t play correctly when running it. It sounds absolutely fine in both Sappy and Anvil Studio, but not when played in the ROM itself. Is there something wrong with the MIDI, and is there a way to fix it? I’ve worked hard on it thus far and don’t want to scrap it. Attached is the .mid file I’ve been using. The Midi’s been formatted for mid2agb already, just listen to it in Sappy first and then in an FE8 rom. I would seriously appreciate it if someone could help me out!
Deltarune-Megalovania+Rock My Emotions (Kitsune^2, DannieloCQ, Stephen Paddock, Puppet).mid (100.9 KB)