Ingame custom animations palettes looking like poop?

Okay, me again with more dumb questions lol

in game, all my units who I gave custom animations to using assets from the repo, such as Kent:
are all out of wack.

I thought originally that whatever palette is set on a unique animation may “overwrite” the base palette? but now i’m wondering if it’s just because it doesn’t and the uniques such as Kent don’t coincide with the color order etc on others. For reference, this is the base cavalier animation im using (team SALVAGED’s)

If anyone has insight I’d very much appreciate it. I know I ask a lot of questions around here lol

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Not sure on the differences between Kent and Salvaged but in your case it probably sounds like the palette order is different between the two. You’ll have to make a palette for your Kent cavalier in that case.

When using a new animation, always assume the palette order will be different in some way and that you’ll need to make a new palette for those respective units.

Edit: Yeah they don’t allign. Here’s Salv!Cav with Kent’s palette order

I do assume the palette order is different, but I kinda thought maybe that when you use the unique anim pointer that it overrides the base animation/palette for that unit completely. I’ll start reordering their palettes tho, thanks!

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Ahhh I see, in that case that’s not really it, palette pointers don’t care what the animation itself looks like, it only cares for the class pointer itself. Or at least. that’s how it works in FE8. I know FE7 and FE6 just have a field for unpromoted and promoted classes and will just force it on regardless of class.

But yeah you’ll need to make new palettes for them, sorry for the trouble

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OOF my workload just doubled hahaha, thank you for helping clear it up. I’ve heard of a technique using FE recolor, and flipping colors around but I’m not very experienced and got very confused.

edit:…nvm im dumb lol…just copied the palette of the unique animation, on their base…and it works fine but it doesnt look like it in FE builder for obvious reasons

edit 2: nvm im dumber than i thought lol “enter 0 for unique battle palette to be used instead”