In SkillSystem, when Repoint TextTable, where did "NewTextTable" Defined?

When I trying to learn about Repointing, I found in SkillSystem/repointedTextTable.event, It was defined as this:

I found it a nice way as this method can take me easily cooperate Repointing process and EA Inserting process. So I did the same when tring to repoint Spirits Table like this:
But when I call MAKE HACK.cmd, thing went wrong:

No code named newTable_SpiritStd found???
I thought problem should lie in this “#define Table_SpiritStd newTable_SpiritStd”, But I don’t know how to fix it. It’s kind of you to offer some advice, thank you!

I did the same thing when I repointed Item Table:
and MAKE HACK.cmd worked. But when #define Table_SpiritStd newTable_SpiritStd, MAKE HACK.cmd went wrong…

This is a way to get around some shenanigans with #ifdef and #ifndef not working with labels iirc. You need to have your table label as newItemTable for instance, then you can refer to your table as ItemTabe after the #define.

thanks a lot, acturally I remake my buildfile again and then EA works well.
So I thought maybe I worngly wrote some errors before or just because EA caught a cold :stuck_out_tongue: