In Need of CG's/Battle Animations (Commission)

Currently working on a project that uses the FE7 engine. I’d like to have illustrations for certain scenes, and I’m also in need of a few unique battle animations.

If someone is interested in the CG scenes, I’m willing to discuss what I’m looking for and determine what a reasonable price is for the piece if you require pay before any drawing happens.

What I need in battle animations is as follows:

-A hero animation that uses a huge axe, like Hector’s Armads animation. I’d also like the shield on the back of the unit since the large axe would likely be unwieldy with it.

-An armored mercenary animation that uses a lance/sword. [Sword should be the standard mercenary animation.)

If anyone creates either of those, feel free to show me a video of the animation and we can discuss a price for the animation script.

This is my first time reaching out for help.
I assume me having specifics when I haven’t even paid anyone is kinda weird.
I’m amazed by this community and I’d love to be able to work with somebody else for assets like this.
If you need context to help understand, please feel free to ask me. I’d love to discuss the project with anyone interested. Thank you.