Impossible Battle Conversations in FE7

For this i wrote down some battle conversations with playable characters against bosses they can’t never face in game by the time their recruit to you party in Fire Emblem the Blazing Blade.

Jaffar vs Jerme
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Jerme: Hyaa ha ha ha! Oh have i wait for this moment. The time where i finally got to kill you myself.
Jerme: i always despise you Angel of Death. You toke away my position in the Four Fangs. I make sure they be nothing left of you remains.
Jaffar: ……
Jerme: why aren’t you saying anything! Maybe once you dead. I pay that child of Brendan Reed a visit. She going to have a great time with me. Hyaa ha ha ha ha ha!
Jaffar: …… You will not touch Nino!

Nino vs Kenneth
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Kenneth: stupid interfering little child! You should’ve think twice before backing out a important assignments like this.
Nino: no! I will not go ahead with this. Why would my mother want me and the prince dead?
Kenneth: oh child. You clearly don’t understand the bigger picture going on between you and Lady Sonia.
Nino: uh. Wh… What are you talking about?
Kenneth: enough talk! I think you need to be taught a lesson. Those who turn on the Black Fang will receive Nergel’s punishment.
Nino: no! I must not fall here! Jaffar is counting on me to live.

Legault vs Aion
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Aion: Legault! What are you doing with our enemy’s?!
Legault: sorry Aion. Change of plans. I’m leaving the Black Fang and I’m working with the enemy’s.
Aion: ohhh! You will regret betraying the Black Fang! I make your death painful as possible!

Heath vs Sealen
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Sealen: Lieutenant Heath! What are you still doing here?! I don’t need your help!
Heath: sorry but it look like i siding with the Ostian knights. Good bye Sealen…
Sealen: you cowardly trader! I will bring your head to Commander Eubans for this!

Wallace vs Yogi
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Wallace: Yogi. Pleasure to see you on the battlefield.
Yogi: General Wallace! I should have known you would side with the girl. You never have much fate in Lord Lundgren. By going against his will you are now a trader to Caelin.
Wallace: I did not wish to became a enemy to Caelin. Lundgren will lead Caelin to doom.
Yogi: just shut up and die already!

Eliwood vs Lundgren
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Lundgren: Prince Eliwood! Should known you would help that girl take the throne of Caelin away from me!
Eliwood: i know i shouldn’t take part of this but. Lord Lundgren! Answer me.
Lundgren: asking me questions huh? Very well then. Ask me whatever on your mind before i take your life.
Eliwood: Lundgren! Did you have any involvement with those group of ruffians back at Khathelet?
Lundgren: ha ha ha ha! So your smarter then i expected. Yes i did what of it?
Eliwood: that means you were after both Ninian and Nils. Why did you want them Lundgren?
Lundgren: I do not want them. They wanted them.
Eliwood: the ruffians?
Lundgren: yes. They hell-bent on getting them. So if i help bring the two children back to them. Then they can guarantee they assistance to me.
Eliwood: but why do you want they assist so badly?
Lundgren: i done asking questions to you son of Pherae! You should have known better then fighting against me! Lundgren the great powerful invisible marquess not just of Caelin! But the entirely of Lycia itself!!!

Canas vs Heintz
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Heintz: Canas. Scholar of llia. And child of Niime. Your dark magic and spells are no match compared to me.
Canas: huh? How did you know who i am? Who are you? What are you?

Dorcas vs Migal
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Dorcas: oh great… it you of all people i facing right here and now.
Migal: Dorcas! Your fighting alongside children’s now! You no good backstabbing coward! You know what will happened to your woman now that you betray the Ganelon bandits. Draw your axe now!
Dorcas: yep. Saw this coming. Well here go nothing.

Serra vs Carjiga
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Serra: ahhhhhh!!! Get away from me scary looking bandit!
Carjiga: looks like somebody going to have to shut that useless thing you called a mouth of yours!

Ninian vs Lundgren
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Ninian: Lundgren. Release… both Caelin and Lord Hausen from… your crawl hands.
Lundgren: you! Your that girl the Black Fang are looking for! Now my chance of opportunity are in my clutches.
Ninian: Black Fang? What… are you saying.
Lundgren: come here you!
Ninian: ahhhhh!!!
Lundgren: once i catch you and your brother. I bring the both of you to the Black Fang. Then they defend my throne away from that girl in Sacae.

Hector vs Bool
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Hector: so my former retainer is working with bandits now. Oh good grief.
Bool: grrrr. I never forgive you for what you did to me Hector! You toss me aside to the streets of Caelin! You have never ever appreciate my talents!
Hector: i have a good reason to get rid of you Bool! You tried to steal my family heirlooms and sold them for money!
Bool: whatever! Lord Lundgren appreciate my skills as a assassin more then you ever have. And i will help him rid the throne from that false imposter.
Hector: not if i have anything to say about it.

Lyn vs Puzon
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Puzon: well if it isn’t the girl from Sacae.
Lyn: wait a second! Ain’t you one of the assassins hired by my uncle to kill me? Didn’t you died?
Puzon: ha! I thought I was dead to. But i was saved by some bishop in red clothing.
Lyn: a bishop in red?
Puzon: but enough talk. I think it’s about time i earn some payback.


This is pretty good.

One little suggestion: put colons after the names of the people talking (eg. Jaffar: …)
It would improve readability