Importing FE8 Black Temple Tileset to FE7

I’ve read and followed the two(?) available tileset importing tutorials, but I’m still not able to successfully import the Black Temple tileset from the final chapter of FE8 into FE7. I’ve tried replacing an existing tileset, putting the tileset information into free space, mixing things up in Nightmare, etc., but I always seem to break the game whenever I test it.

I can’t seem to find a working import of the tileset, either; thus the attempt at importing in the first place.

It would be helpful to outline the process that you’ve tried when you imported.
Did you get both the config and the object data? How about tile animations?
You shouldn’t need to overwrite existing tilesets.

These are my notes, as I’m not great at explaining things. I copied the blocks for object, palette, and config from FE8, then wrote them into FE7 free space. The overwriting was an attempt at getting it to work - which it didn’t. There weren’t any animations, iirc.

Object Type: 8
Pointer: 170DA8
Block: 1756B4 (170da8-1756b3)
Offset: da490c
Block: da0000-da490b
Sacae Plains: 0x834C74C

Palette: Map 14
Pointer: 1ADBB0
Block: 1ADCF0 (1adbb0-1adcef)
Offset: da4a50
Block: da4910-da4a4f
Light Sand: 0x8362E78

TileConfig: 8
Pointer: 1A3660
Block: 1A4510 (1a3660-1a450f)
Offset: da5900
Block: da4a50-da59ff
Sacae Config: 0x835EE10

I also thought it might be an error with my map, so I tried to import a map directly from FE8, instead. Didn’t work.

the offset should be the start of the block, not the end of it