Importing a Bitmap as a spell animation?

I want to import this animation: It’s a bitmap from smt2 and I was wondering how I could import it as a spell animation. Thanks.

Trying make a compromise with Feditor is your best bet because spell insertion is pretty… limiting.
Read blazer’s chapter on it to get yourself started

But Ghast Senpai! I gave it a quick read and it says:

Create a folder for all your spell frames.

I have a problem here because PSX is weird and it’s all in one image and they overlap in a way where it would be simply impossible to crop out the frames individually not to mention it would take far too long. Are there any other alternatives for things where it’s all in one big clump?

FEditor’s spell animation uses an image as a frame, so I think someone would have to make a new insertion process for that if you wanted to make an animation from a sheet…

I will admit I don’t know what the spell looks like in motion, but I’m not sure what you mean by overlapping? I don’t see any overlapping in the sheet you posted, I moved stuff around so it’s easier to select with the box selection tool at least. (freeform selection for life tho)

In your comment the sheet is displayed very differently with each bit being in a different position. Anyway…
Do you know if this: would be an acceptable frame or is there something I still need to do. Thank you by the way.

…Yes? That was the point, I reorganized the sheet for you…


you’d want to go through by hand and put each frame where it needs to be relative to the GBA frame

Thank you. I really do appreciate it.

Ok. Is that all I need to do?

i’d recommend reading the FEditor documentation on how each frame is formatted

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