Implications of Tellius-style move stats?

Forgive me if this has been asked or answered elsewhere; I am rather new to the ROM hacking scene here.

I have started work on a rather ambitious hack, and one aspect of this hack of mine involves using Tellius-style movement ranges (e.g. infantry having 6 then 7 move, depending on promotion; mages & armors having 5 then 6; and cavalry having 8 then 9). Are there any special design implications that I should take into account with this, or is this largely a matter of designer’s preference?

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It affects map speed, map size, and threat level when enemy units are concerned. If your one unit has +1 movement, that means they can move one extra tile, but if every enemy unit also has +1 movement, they can all chase a lot more. It’s not exactly a 1:1 change, the enemy will by default be stronger with higher movement because they are the ones moving more often (because there are more of them).


What the guy above me said. If you want to have generally larger maps, do consider increasing standard MOV of base infantry classes (Especially if your Lord is a foot unit). Personally, I prefer how Engage “buffed” Armors by giving them the same MOV as other foot units even though they don’t gain MOV upon promotion. You also have to consider that Canto may be very broken if you have higher MOV in your hack though, due to the nature of mounted units, depending on if you implement it. Take that as you will.