Implementing capture in the GBA games

This is something I’ve wondered for a while now. Have any of the ASM wizards out there successfully enabled the capture mechanic from FE5 into a GBA FE game? I would like to implement that in my own hack, so if any ASM wizards out there have done this, it would save me loads of problems that come from ASM hacking.

I figure it would be doable since rescue exists on the GBA FEs, but I’m not entirely sure since I know little to nothing about Assembly hacking at this stage.

I think Serenes Emblem had it implemented
Otherwise you have to write it yourself or probably pay someone to do it. You’re right that you can probably use Rescue to make a Capture command but unfortunately there’s a whole bunch of other things you have to do like make all your stats go down and force a rescue if you kill the enemy and you need to add a menu command and blah blah blah


Well, I planned on learning ASM hacking at some point, I guess this will be the first thing I attempt to do then if Serenes Emblem doesn’t have it implemented.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose

DO NOT get into assembly hacking with this as your first assignment, especially if you have no experience in any high level language. I suggest something simple first like a memory manipulation. Like say you wanted someone’s strength to be raised by 1 for visiting a village. You can do

ldr r0, =#0x3004690
ldr r0,[r0]
add r0, r0, #0x14
ldsb r1, [r0]
add r1, r1, 1
strb r1, [r0]
bx lr

You should check out the ultimate tutorial. It gives a pretty noob friendly intro to assembly

[12:09:16 AM] Crazy Colorz: About implementing capture
[12:09:34 AM] Crazy Colorz: If we can find out how menu selections are jumped to
[12:09:43 AM] Crazy Colorz: Maybe we can set a flag for capture and have it jump to combat
[12:09:56 AM] Crazy Colorz: Then if the other character’s health is 0 jump to the rescue routine instead.
[12:10:14 AM] Crazy Colorz: And then edit trade to enable trading with whoever you’re rescuing regardless of affiliation.

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