I'm not good enough to fully develop new skills. However, I think I'm good enough to change a few values in existing ones. How would I implement that if I'm mostly only comfortable using febuilder?

Title says it all. Because I wrote a pretty damned long title. But basically, all I want to do is stuff like altering the item earned from despoil. And the chance of getting it.

Also, I’d like to set a bunch of these skills as combat arts if that’s possible.

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If you’re like me, you can get away with stuff by tinkering with them. One could simply figure out the item id Despoil looks for and change it, or replace the item it drops.

Chance will be a lot harder to mess with, and unless someone else has done it good luck with combat arts. At a certain point the only answer left is “learn asm”.

You want to run a custom build. Takes a little knowledge of event assembler & buildfiles to set up, but nothing too hard.

You may find this helpful:

You can see exactly what I did to insert combat arts into my hack. Past that linked branch I did a lot of things exclusive to Pokemblem, but that branch is probably compatible if you are on the latest skillsys patch, though you’d probably want to add the fix to supply that 7743 made, which I inserted in a later branch.

Feel free to ask for more details on setting things up and editing skills. Good luck!

Edit - details on despoil
Despoil chance to activate:

Despoil event


Well… He was talking to me I think. I’m a bit intimidated too haha but I think I’ll figure it out. Hopefully.

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Thank you very much. I’ll try to do that. So… Can I incorporate that with febuilder at all? I.e. can I do just about everything before and after the merge on there?


Simple numerical changes are easy to do in FEBuilder, just search the skill name in the patches section.

I searched despoil and nothing came up.

Yeah, it’s mostly just simple numerical ones like Death Blow, Breaker skills, etc.

Wasn’t sure if Despoil was one of them, sorry!

It’s disrespectful and unneccessary to nitpick someone who is giving good-faith help for free, especially when you’re not the person they’re giving help to, and even more so when you aren’t giving help in the topic yourself. If you don’t have anything constructive or topical to add, then don’t add it.



This has info on running a custom build. However, to copy over hacks from the main skillsys github you will need some knowledge of buildfiles.

The previous links on despoil are just to point you in the right direction.

Zoisite is right - it is asm that controls the chance of it proccing. I simply linked the relevant section of the asm code. You will need to know a little asm to edit that part.

The despoil event, however, is trivial to edit. Just change which item to give. Febuilder can show you which events have recently ran, so you could find the event address pretty easily that way, too.

I would highly recommend you download the skillsys github buildfile and try doing a test edit of something there, first. If you successfully change the % activation of a red gem, for example, you would then copy over the changed code to the custom build. It is much faster to test custom asm in a buildfile than in febuilder, so it may save you some hair pulling.

What chance percent were you going for?

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I’d make it a 100% chance to get an item. And then, I’m not sure what I’d make the item do. But I was thinking of making it decrease the holders stats since that can be done passively. Is there anything else that can occur passively? I just think it’d be interesting to make a character that gets these cursed objects whenever he kills someone.

Oh but to the point about the hack, there’s no “make custom build cmd” in the skillfiles project any more. Would “make hack_quick” do that?

Just delete lines 51 - 61 then, where it basically says “get luck. Roll random number. If luck was lower than the rand number, then end”

There never was. spooky music plays

Custom build is a febuilder feature. You cannot simply use the entire skillsystems buildfile with febuilder. If you want to use the buildfile instead of febuilder, you could do that.

  1. Click this link

  2. Download it

  3. Open make custom build.cmd in febuilder