I'm new, and am trying to sponge information

Hi! I’m De’faundre, and I want to learn just about anything I can here (mostly stuff about hacking).
I’m working on my first hack and it’s coming along decently, but I would love any tips or personal preferences you guys think would help me, or any other interested newbies that see this.

Thanks in advance!

Proper documentation and keeping backups goes a long way. If you’re using community assets, it’s smart to add the creators to your credit list ASAP instead of everyone at once right before you release your first patch.

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Try not to add an extreme amount of blank data when using data expansion.
I made that mistake and ended up having to redo 2 classes when i was removing extra data

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I want to emphasize Zarg’s backup suggestion. Save after you do anything relatively major you wouldn’t want to redo; be it a bunch of eventing or map making or whatever. Never know when the power might go out or the system will hang/crash.

Never just have the one file either, save multiple and keep them as different revisions of the work done. Do it in case you do something unintended or break something and can’t figure out what it was that broke it.

And every now and then (or more often) throw those files on a flash drive, or a NAS, or just a different hard drive/SSD or computer; anything to have an off system backup just in case something catastrophic happens to the computer you’re working on the hack with. Nothing’s worse than losing a lot of progress and no easy way to recover the file. This goes for anything, really.

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I 100% agree with everyone else. Every week or so I’d upload my save to google drive, as well as having a new backup created everytime I save.

Something else, is show off your maps as often that’s a big problem in alot of hacks. Usually there is alot of dead (empty) space in maps, alot of useless corners, they are way to big, and finally everything is too even and perfect.

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