I'm having an issue with febuilder

I was editing an fe7 rom on febuilder and clicked on item editor when all my febuilder tabs closed. I tried reopening the folder that had febuilder but it wasn’t there. All the other stuff was on the folder but febuilder itself. I tried redownloading but it didn’t work. Is this a common issue? If so how do I fix it

Never heard of this.

We need your febuilder log.txt to know anything. Were you using the .exe installer?

If the exe disappears by itself, it may have been erased by your anti-virus software.
The FEBuilderGBA uses the debug API to implement the debugger, which can be misunderstood by poor anti-virus software.
Please check your anti-virus software logs.
If your anti-virus software is misleading you, you should configure it to exclude FEBuilderGBA.exe.

FEBuilderGBA makes all of its source code available to the public.
If you are worried about it, you can build it yourself using VS2010.