I'm creating a Tabletop RPG and need your help


I would like to ask your permission to use contents you made and uploaded to the Ultimate Graphics Repository. As you all know, the repo can’t be used for commercial projects, and that’s why I’m here.

I would like to ask permission to use 3 types of assets from the repo that most of you guys gals did.

Examples of assets I need your permission:

1- Class Cards (Both M F)
Soldier (F) Lance {flasuban}Soldier (M) FE10-Style Lance {flasuban}

2- Idle stand animation (ONLY the first sprite)
Archer (F) Improved {Der}-stand

3- First Sprite from battle animation

I’m working on a Table Top RPG heavy inspired by FE, but Nintendo FULL copyrighted every FE Game and this means I cannot use at all any content from them, even from GBA Titles. This is both a noncommercial and a commercial project.

This project is made to be downloaded from internet, and then you can play with friend using cellphones or printing out all files. But where is the commercial thing? Well, I have future intentions of bringing this RPG to the big markets, and that’s why I need permission.

Note that the internet version will be the same and will be free to all players, the physic version will be only a physic model to all players. They will also be made with thick paper, custom wood pieces, etc. As I said, the home printed one is the same and is made to be affordable to print out. (both versions will be available in short)

As I said, I would kindly ask all of you to give me permission to use them, I cannot use Nintendo’s Assets and after re-working the entire RPG, it will be enough to put the project down and in the end just gave up due to amount of assets and resources I don’t have.

So, I would like to kindly ask for you. May you give me permission to use your assets in this Non-Commercial/Commercial Project?

If you don’t feel cool to answer this thread, please send a direct message—

—This voting pool show names. (I need to see who voted)

  • Yes, Use my resources in your project
  • No, You don’t have permission for using them in your project

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Not a lawyer or anything, but shouldn’t you be asking the permission of each individual artist instead of making a poll? If you’re using it to keep track of who’s allowing what, asking the creators of the assets you want to use would probably be better. And I imagine a lot of the people who contributed to the FE Asset Repository might not even see this thread anyway, so asking directly would yield the best results.

Anyway, good luck with your project!


A lot of things from the repo use vanilla assets as a base and just edit them. They would not be legal to use even with the permission of the artists that edited them.

Something like this looks close enough to vanilla that you couldn’t sell it.

You should use something from this website as placeholder art:

Later on you could hire artists once you’ve made a lot of progress with everything else.


:warning: illegal :warning:

No, please don’t.