Ike's Battle Animation with the Sword of Seals

Can someone help me with Ike’s battle animation?

I want Ike to hold the Sword of Seals because in my FE6 hack I replaced Roy’s vanilla animation with Ike’s ranger custom animation. My FE6 Hack: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/87480-fe-vi-extreme-20-hard-game-even-in-normal-mode/

I honestly dislike Roy’s animation and I can’t find an alternate one in here. I just know how to use FE Builder and recolor palettes but I don’t know how to change or make custom animations.

Here’s the link to Ike’s ranger animation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vyakic4yfil04d2/Ike.zip


Ike Ranger battle animation but with the Sword of Seals.

It’s a little rough here and there but it’s 97.6% fine ish. A few frames need a couple pixels fixed buuuuuut i’m lazy. If anyone wants to get it to 100% have at it.


Credit to OG Ike Ranger animation: Mikey Seregon, Khrene Kleaver

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Thank you thank you. Anything I get is well appreciated :slight_smile:

Please play my FE6 hack and comment on it in Serenes Forest whenever you get a chance.
I created it for FE fans to have fun.

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