IFCD and how do I get this jerk code to work?

Ok usually I wouldn’t ask when i get stuck because I would just search for the solution or test shit till it breaks but this time, the damn code has put a stop to most of my eventing ideas and that is IFCD for about 2 years now and I am finally at my limit. What I need it for is for my ragefest idea where you have to kill 2 bosses on the same turn, if you leave one alive, the one you killed will respawn with stronger stats. I just freaking need to know how IFCD works exactly to pull this off because my solution for it only works for very specific things.

Most people and even the read me say its “IFCD [conditional ID] [Char ID]”, I have tried this many times with many tests and not once did it work. So I tried the next code setup which is “IFCD [conditional ID] [Char ID] [unknown: 0x0E-0xA6]” which seems to work with certain bosses after there death quote triggers but its very inconsistent. Next I tried “IFCD [seems to be any number] [conditional ID] [Char ID]” and it works but ALL THE TIME despite the person it checks for is not dead. Anybody figured out IFCD yet?

IIRC IFCD doesn’t work for enemies correctly. Your best bet is to have the bosses’ death quotes trigger IDs and then check for those IDs with a IFET/IFEF

I see, will play around with that and see what I can come up with. thank you and will update this later depending on my results.

Yes, IFCD only works for players unit because the game only keeps track of dead player units. Any enemy or NPC is treated as a generic and therefore no “record” of them is kept.

Yeah, prime’s suggestion is a suitable workaround. Just changed the trigger ID for the second boss to 0x03 in nightmare and stuck a after event to it which seems to work fine. thanks again for the information and why it doesn’t work.

I believe the game uses 0x03 for seizing, so you may have side effects by using that ID. Use something higher up like 0x10 or something.