If you say that something you made is f2u but change your mind later down the line can you change it?

If you can, what happens to the projects that used them? Do they have to remove the assets or can they keep it in?

Ask the creator

so if I understand this properly, I can decide to remove the f2u aspect of my assets right?

I’d say just remove the asset, although someone changing their mind about how they want their assets to be used is kind of asking for some misunderstandings IMO it’s just better to respect the creator’s wishes, there’re plenty of other assets to use especially in the portraits department.

although if you really want it in your project it’s always okay to ask

You made it, you make the call

I don’t know why you would revoke this, and it would be difficult to chase them down once they’re out, but yeah

Just wondering how some aspect of f2u works. Might help me some day.

sounds about right

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