Ideas for FEbuilder

Howdy, I’m new to the fire emblem scene. I was curious if it’s possible to add some throwing weapons (ie, shuriken/daggers) or maybe even the arts attribute (from fire emblem engage) into FEbuilder. Arts is melee if some people don’t know.

Well first welcome to FEU. I don’t know about engage but throwing weapons can be done for sure in FEBuilder
You can make them an special subclass of swords with some tag that you will only use on classes that can be equipped with them
You can do this also with monsters weapons or any other weapon
The many locks you can set makes you the possibility to make weapons subclasses
So doesn’t matter if some unit uses swords
If that unit hasn’t a lock class related with that weapon it wouldn’t use it .
I hope you understood what i said and good luck your projects ;3