Idea for a game

Here’s a strange idea of mine:
so basically the story takes place in the modern early 2000s japanese high school where the main character which is a school pres. lives his everyday normal life. Until that evening the whole school was suddenly infested by zombies trapping the only remaining students from the school. The main character uses his/her kendo skills to survive from the zombies and manage his/her classmates to keep them alive as possible. Of course some of the students can fight too with their special talents and skills. They will fight their way through the whole night from a variety of zombies and necromancers without contact from the police or their parents until dawn rises.


I loved it :v. However… I feel you may have some inspiration in this? :vvvvvvvvvvvv
also know as the best scene in the anime

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Do you need help making maps? Assuming this is a hack idea.

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