Idea: Fire Emblem, but it's all boat units

I have no idea how possible that would be, or if it would even be remotely fun to play, but that idea popped into my head, and now I’m curious how possible that would be.


Basically everyone would be a fleet with ballista. And maybe siege tomes I guess?

if all units are boat units, it’ll just be a standard hack with a boat aesthetic, while this will make the hack feel unique, if you want things like terrain and a class structure you’ll need a lot of custom assets, so just be aware that it is possible, it would just take a whole lot of time and effort, I wouldn’t put my money on there being already made f2u map templates themed around everything being in water, finding f2u custom boat assets will also be tough so most of the game would have to be made specifically for the project. If you’re seriously committed and are ready to spend at the very least a year to make a fully custom project then by all means go for it. I would recommend starting on a smaller project first to get your feet wet though.




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tbh just run set unit status all to change every class into a fleet after being loaded

They’ll still have their equipment, ranks, and stats as normal, but they’ll be boats, so who cares. It’s an improvement over vanilla

could easily be done in about 30 mins in febuilder to make fe6/fe7/fe8 but everyone is a boat

Ok guys I’ve done it. No other asm will ever top this

Turn everyone into boats
.align 4
.macro blh to, reg=r3
  ldr \reg, =\to
  mov lr, \reg
  .short 0xf800
	.equ GetUnit, 0x8019430
	.global SailUnit
	.type   SailUnit, function

	push {r4-r5, lr}	

mov r4,#1 @ deployment id
mov r5, #0x50 @Boat id?
ldr r3, =ClassTable 
mov r0, #84 @84 bytes per class entry 
mul r0, r5 @ offset 
add r5, r0, r3 @rom pointer to specific class into r5 

mov r0,r4
blh GetUnit @ 19430
cmp r0,#0
beq NextUnit
ldr r3,[r0]
cmp r3,#0
beq NextUnit
ldr r1,[r0,#0xC] @ condition word
mov r2,#0xC @ benched/dead
tst r1,r2
bne NextUnit
@ if you got here, unit exists and is not dead or undeployed, so go ham
str r5, [r0, #4] @ class pointer
add r4,#1
cmp r4,#0xAF
ble LoopThroughUnits

blh  0x0801a1f4   @RefreshFogAndUnitMaps
blh  0x080271a0   @SMS_UpdateFromGameData
blh  0x08019c3c   @UpdateGameTilesGraphics

pop {r4-r5}
pop {r0}
bx r0


you’re welcome



Can I give boots to boats?

This idea demands expansion. I will find time to forget to make a hack all about boats. Mage Boats. Ballista Boats. Boats with canons mounted to the stairs so you can shred home invaders to pieces, just as the founding fathers indeed. Most all, there will be boot boats.

Also every map is fog of war so get your scouting ships ready to support your Bolting Boats.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I won’t be able to start rom-hacking for a while, but the idea just came to me.

Did spitball some ideas for the concept though.
Like you could probably just leave it on no animations and make the promotions just a title change with a stat boost. So like a boat would be promoted into a warship or something.
I also thought certain boats could have specific purposes besides long range combat.
A tanky boat that specializes in close range, or a boat that has extended fog vision.
There probably wouldn’t be much terrain either, unless the map is like some icy area, or a city like Venice. So most hits would be up to reliable chip weapons, and then the heavy hitting stuff is less reliable. It all being down to the skill stat by that point.
I could see this taking a lot of work to implement now that you said it.


“I hate boats” reference, or this nonexistent hack is bad

Do tell me more of this reference you want included. I wouldn’t want my imaginary boat meme game to be bad, after all.

Oh, and in addition to fog-busting scouting ships and bolting boats, I’ll definitely be putting in mines.

The fabled Fire Emblem ova

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