I'd Like To Make A Mark With You

Hello everyone. I’ve had an account here for a little bit but I haven’t been able to use it frequently. As my summer break approaches, I’d like that to change.

I’ve been a long time fan of FE, I first experienced the series as a child when my older brother brought a friend over with a USB drive containing several GBA Roms, including FE7 and FE8. I only made it through the first few chapters and lost Sain and Garcia respectively.

My interest skyrocketed with FE: Awakening. After playing the demo, I counted the days until release and bought the game ASAP. An amazing experience, I was infatuated with all to do with the series.

My first appearance in the community was when I joined a new RP group on Miiverse shortly after Awakening’s release, where I played Stahl. I fondly remember the days of the antics we had online, moving from Miiverse to other platforms before our group dissolved to time.

Since then, online I’ve been used to the name Stahl, but feel free to call me whatever you like. Some of my fake aliases include Tony, Minty, or Monty.

Fire Emblem as a series has meant much to me. The days I had as a Shepherd brought me so many days of laughter, joy, and inspiration. I’ve played most of the FE series, with the Path of Radiance/Dawn saga being the only one I have yet to learn about. Each one gave me a unique experience that I’ll never forget.
(Recently I completed FE7, with Sain being one of my top units.)

As highschool comes to a close, and I come closer to adulthood, I worry I’ll be running out of time to do big, fun projects.
My skill as a writer has grown, and I am strongly compelled to produce something from my love for FE.

I am currently working on two Rom Hack projects; the main one being a story that takes place in the next generation after Mystery of the Emblem, with a cast featuring all original characters.

The second one is a side project taking place post FE6, following the Wounded Tiger Mercenary Dieck, and the final job of the Dieck Mercenaries.

For the past year, I have been working (mainly) by myself on concepts, story, mugs, and sprites. (I have a wonderful friend from my old Shepherd days who helps me with story and characters. Unfortunately, she’s not well versed in computer-related work.) I have also been learning how to hack using FEBuilder. (7477, you are a godsend.)
Unfortunately, I am one person who’s had to learn many skills for this hobby, which takes time. I still have far to go and much to work on.

I would love nothing more than to become involved with this community in discussions and works, and perhaps even find people to help me with my aspirations.

If anyone would like help with their projects for ideas, writing, sprites, etc. I would love to be involved. Additionally, if anyone would like to offer their skills to my project, I would also love to incorporate you. Feel free to even just talk with me to chat about my hacks. Eventually, I will make formal announcement posts for them.
(I reeeeeeeeally like talking about the hacks though if you still want to PM me.)
If anyone would like to contact me, please ask for my Discord!

Sorry for the length of this introduction. This is my first time doing something major in the community that isn’t lurking.

As I’m sure JFK once said, “Ask not what the Fire Emblem community can do for you, ask what you can do for the Fire Emblem community.”

I’ve long admired this group, and I’m pleased to meet you all.

I like writing. Ask me to help you on your work or tell me if you’d like to help me with mine.


As someone who has been out of school for a while. I can say that you don’t have to worry much about that. They just go from big, fun projects that you can do during summer break to Something to look forward to after getting off work

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