I want to learn how to do GBA rom hacking

Hello people.

Its a pleasure to make a post for the first time, i am sorry in advance if i am doing it wrong, or if my rough english understanding makes this difficult to read.

I want to learn to do GBA rom hacking, i don’t get it much but for what i am seeing you need some understanding of coding or how to write code, right?

I don’t know anything about coding and i want to learn by myself, so my question is: Is there any fast way to learn to code? at least the most simple concepts that i need.


You dont necesary need to leard how to code. FEBuilderGBA it’s very easy to use. You can just start tampering the game and comparing every event of the vanilla game and should be fine.(because events can be programed with drag and drop blocks). But if you need, there are a lot of tutorials here. Also, there are a lot of free to use resources to start your own project.


This intro to febuilder might help