I want to alter a magic animation

I’ve made a weapon in my hack that uses the animation of the Silence staff. The problem is, this is a weapon that deals damage, not a staff that inflicts a status effect and turns the battle music off. The animation is designed for inflicting a status effect and turning the battle music off. I obviously want it to NOT do this, and instead show the enemy’s HP going down, so I’ll have to edit it a bit.

But… I haven’t the first idea how to even start. I’d really appreciate if someone could walk me through how to do this.

(I don’t know if it matters, but the hack in question is for FE7.)

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For FE8, there is a patch that uses magic for the damage effect.

NAME.en=Use magic motion when physical attack hits.(Installer)
INFO.en=Physical motion is not available and can be specified from EffecID:0x11 onwards.\r\n\r\nChanges the hit motion to a magic motion when a normal attack hits, depending on the weapon used and the user.


FE7 doesn’t have this patch, so I think you have to either port it myself or mimic the effect of Silence with CSA.

And, uh… How do I do that?

It’s FE7, so there’s nothing I can do about it.
I’m too busy to have time to port patches to FE7.
I might port it if I feel like it, but now I have a lot of other things to do.
So you have no choice but to port it yourself or give up its functionality in the first place.