I want a hack called FE4 Advance

Last year I see a hack called FE4 Advance.FE4 has a very good story and it is good to play.It is on SNES,but we think this game should be remade because it is a classical FE game.When I know Arch remake this game,I feel very happy.I told it to my friends,and they all think this idea is great.Now I can not download it to play because the link are broken.What a pity!Can you help me, please?I really want to play it.:slightly_smiling:

I want to just delete this topic but
No. FE4A is dead.

Pi is making one, but Arch is never returning to it.


Do you know it have a DEMO?I just want to play it。

Not yet.

It’s sort of a joke demo but it’s still damn impressive

Thank you very much!:grinning:

You should try out this one. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=39130&page=1

Idk why people mentioned it but didn’t link to it but there it is.

Thank you,I know——It is a good hack.thank you for your help.