I thought this would be a friendly breakup, but no. (NobodyKnowsTheJav)

I’m still lurking on FEUcord because I am a male reproductive organ who never learns, and woooooowwww would you look at that. One of the mods just said I don’t deserve any mercy because I used to alt months ago on a completely different server. I stopped doing it about a month ago because I actually want to improve as a person, and it goes without saying I deeply regret doing that. Why else do you think I tend to ask people how to be a decent and functional human being? Do you think I do it for kicks? Do you think I do it for the sake of it? The reason why I haven’t changed is because I have a hard time letting go of my bad habits, that’s the reason why. If I had more willpower, I’d actually be a decent person. But I don’t have enough willpower to change for the better, so there you have me-- quickly typing on a laptop late at night because I’m a miserable piece of shit on the Internet. I must apologize for sounding rude, but if you don’t respect or take me seriously, why I should I?

Goodbye. For good. To quote a fellow source of copypastas: Don’t bother to keep in touch. I know I won’t. Though…

Usage of alts for the purpose of punishment evasion is strictly prohibited. I’m going to ban this account. You may use your main account again after its two-week suspension. Other attempts to alt to get around punishments will result in a ban on both the alt and the main again.