I request help from artists to work on my hack alongside me for portrait and other art stuff

So i recently started on working my own romhack, i have the general idea, ideas for characters, game play design ideas, custom weapon icons, and even some people already interested in playing! But it’s kinda hard to do it alone and i especially don’t like making and suck at portraits. I posted the only one portrait i made for my romhack yet. As you can see it’s a bit different than original portraits… I made the portrait this way so i can show more of the body and the clothing, and it has more realistic proportions. I know it’s not perfect but anything of this quality works for me. The clothing and armor are/will be heavily based history and I actually take some joy in doing them. I would be really happy if I could do the clothing and someone else put the faces for me which I am not good at. I know this is a weird request and the art style is very different than what default ones are :stuck_out_tongue: But like I said before, a work that’s only as good as the portrait I made works. I also want to edit some other icons from the game, map tiles and class map animations for classes so if anyone wants to help me with those it will be appreciated! I would prefer if you would contact me on discord:


You can find many excellent free to use (with credit) assets such as portraits in the graphics repository.

Regarding working on the hack with others, read this:

Please familiarize yourself with the Getting Started thread when you have the chance. Hopefully it will be of use to you.

Best of luck with the hack.

ps. nice 10 hp soldier lol

That’s 10 health more than normal soldiers. .-.

stats are temporarly as of now but i think 12 hp will be the max hp ever reachable in my hack, i plan to have a different play style than original games. I dont want to use any free to use portraits and there was no art related thing there that fit with what i wanted until now. I will read getting started more, thanks a lot.

Are we going to genocide some Aztecs today, Fernando?