I Never Did This

I was never in the lurker phase. I just kinda popped in and immediately started saying and doing stupid shit. Time to be me from… about a year and a half ago… This is along the lines of what I may have said.

Hello, my name is Snakey1, and I am an aspiring FE hacker. I really like working with computers, math, and science. I also love auto racing. I’m getting really used to Nightmare, FEDitor, GBAGE, Tiled, and EA for events. I think I’m getting pretty good at it, and I’m working on my RFV entry with @1st_lieutenant_noguchi , and I think it will be absolutely fantastic.

We’ve also got another major hack idea in the works that should like no other hack we’ve ever seen, and I look forward to honing my Nightmare, FEDitor, etc. suite skills to make it! :smile:

Thanks for seeming so welcoming, and I apologize in advance for all the stupid shit I’ll do and say!

Okay. This reminds me of how grateful I am today for the advancements made since then. With FEB, people don’t have to struggle through the Nightmare, FEDitor suite. With Buildfiles, we can efficiently make that major hack, Legends of Avenir, with tons of cool shit. Our RFV entry, Art of Forde, was pretty oof, but it was definitely a learning experience.
This really isn’t a late introduction; it’s a thank you to the community for putting up with me, for being so helpful, for the advancements made in hacking methods, and for just the support in general.


Welcome to the FEU community, hopefully you enjoy your stay and can get some help. Make sure to join the Discord for extra help, you seem to have lots of potential!


Between Snakemom Melissa and Snakey1, there are too many goddamn snakes in the grass. Get out, you little hissers. :snake:


Snakes… Why did it have to be snakes?


Welcome to FEU stranger, nice to meet you


Its good to finally meet you fellow inspiring snake hacker!

Let us all make hacking great!


I thought Art of Forde was pretty good ngl