I need troubleshooting help

I need help. I woke up today and I cannot locate my save file for my fire emblem game four kings game. I was about 20 chapters into the story and do not wish to start over.

What should I do? It says New Game and Extras

Where is my file?

Some possibilities are:

  • You renamed either your save or your rom and the emulator doesn’t recognise them as belonging together. Make sure they have the same name (if your rom is fourkings.gba then the save should be fourkings.sav).

  • You have somehow moved or deleted the file. Check your recycling bin and do a full drive search for .sav files.

  • You’ve set the emulator to look for saves in a different location. (It could be that you accidentally moved or deleted a setting file instead.)

  • The file has been corrupted somehow. If so you’re probably out of luck.

  • You loaded an earlier savestate in an emulator that includes the savedata in the states. Again probably screwed unless you have another state that has your progress.

You could always ask in the hack’s thread if someone has a save close to where you were.