I need some battle animations for a project I am working on


Hey Everyone, I am working on a FE8 rom hack and wanted to include a few new class types. The Hunter, the bow thief, the novice(a bow trainee class), and the Page ( a sword trainee class). And I need animations for these. I am no animator and so I am asking the FEU if anyone would be willing to help.

The Hunter is a promoted unit with a base provided by deranger with bow animations already however I was wondering if someone could give it either lance or axe animations.(deranger’s original sprites)

The bow thief is essentially a thief with a small bow.

The novice should have a small to medium bow that it has trouble with the recoil of the bow.

The Page should be lightly armored and have trouble with the controlling the swing of the sword.

If you do make these animations. Thank you in advance.

Edit: I am willing to pay $5 for each. (Note this price is negotiable)


$5 for 30+ hours of work sounds reasonable to me


not even getting paid in exposure and experience smh


I’m definitely willing to negoitiate prices. My starting price is $5 for each. You want $10 each, you want $20 each, tell me why I should make it this price. And for the record this is a request, not a commission.


usually if you’re gonna request (not commission) something as expansive as a battle animation, you need to show quite a bit of work behind it in your hack for anyone to even wanna bother

maybe make a post about your hack before asking for what is the equivalent of at least around 25 frames worth of work from someone ;w;


That’s fair. I thought I should at least make some major progress on it; I still wanted to put out the request. Its still a request, just with a bounty attached.