I need help with a custom animation

So, I originally tried posting about this in Serenes Forest, but I had no luck there and was recommended by multiple people to come here instead… So here I am. Anyways: I started working on a custom animation using a fixed version of FE8’s Lyon animations, you can find what I used here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CAC-wxJOkgBT3Me3fkzS3qzSdXR_8RKu.

So, I did all the frames, but for some reason, the first frame messes up the shading when in game. To show what I’m talking about, you can see for yourself in the picture; The FE8 one is what she looks like in game, the GIMP one is, well, what she looks like in GIMP: Test|98x61

If for whatever reason you can’t access that picture, I’ve uploaded all this stuff on Dropbox, which you can see here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fpcmi0rjaemnggq/AACTgN1N2TrL0nhzkfPrZ6BXa?dl=0

I don’t know if its a problem of the animations I was using or the (probably more likely) case of me missing something about custom animations, this is my first time making a custom animation so it’s not unlikely… Oh, one other thing, I only include the magic animations as I don’t have the staff animation yet, I wanted to get this glitch figured out before I jumped into that.

This is the link to the animation itself if you want to see the frames for yourself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1u11i6cufwjih2w/6.%20The%20Empress'%20Magic%20(Fixed)%20{Shin19}.zip?dl=0!

Can you post the images themselves not links
Also you can’t post an attachment as an image (especially one from a different website entirely)

It’s my first post on this site, so my knowledge of how to post on here is iffy, my bad. I’ll fix that in a little bit

Can’t tell the difference, can’t you make a printscreen?

Sorry, it seems I can’t do either of those; The images are too big to upload as is, and the files aren’t in an approved format; The best I can do is change the link to the actual animations from Serenes Forest to Dropbox, which I just did. Unless there’s something I’m missing, I don’t know how I can do what you’re asking of me

The shading of the cape is different. The darkest grey, on the right side of the cape alongside the inside of the cape, changes for every frame after the first one. I don’t know what you mean by a printscreen

The Print Screen button on the keyboard. Press it and paste in some image editor.

Alright… I’ll try doing that tomorrow. If the image is too big again, I can’t really help that

Difference is the second darkest shade of white is gone after being inserted, compare the near pauldron and near portion of cape. I’ve had FEbuilder do weird requant things sometimes (and I don’t think it actually notifies when doing it). Are you sure your sprite is at the color limit and isn’t using a ton of similar colors that are getting crunched or something?

I am bemused at the phone picture instead of just uploading the standing frame though, even if you don’t know how to use the emulator’s screenshot function you have the file of the frame you made lol

I had a similar problem before, it said that there was a problem palette and marked it for me; Turned out, the first 12 frames had different colors than the rest and I fixed it. The issue now is that I get that same issue, but I cannot find any sort of issue with the palette colors; I’ve had at least one other person, a guy named MemeTzar, check out my animation and he ended up just as stumped as I am now (no hard feelings to him tho, I’m at least happy he took the time to look at it).

It might be the latter problem of the similar colors getting crunched tho… If that is the issue, I guess I just make different colors?

And as for the photo thing, I was trying to show emphasis on where the issue was, you already saw someone not noticing the difference even with that, so I felt that the reception would be worse zoomed out… I didn’t think of screenshotting my screen and I didn’t learn how to screenshot in FEBuilder until after this point, but I’ll try updating it once I get back on my computer.

On a somewhat related note, good job with the Ishtar animation, she’s looking mighty fine.

I just edited the post to have better images; It doesn’t get me any further on my problem, but it’ll at least make the pictures easier to look at…