I need help picking a idea for my first hack

Ok first hey there, I’m a new hacker and want two make a hack. I have to ideas and I cant pick which one I want to make. This is where you guys come in, You guys and girls can help me chose which idea I make. Here is a basic rundown for both. My first idea is called Fire Emblem bandit sisters. The main story is about two bandit sisters and there dad fighting the vinetin kingdom for not helping with everyone problems. For my other idea it would be The Rainbow Orb. The hack is Feh themed and is more comedic with its story. The main plot is our main hero( named summer) is looking for the Rainbow Orb a orb that can summon anyone. Summer must stop the evil empire from getting the orb.
Those are my ideas. feel free to vote on which one you what me to do. sorry for my post being so long.

  • Fire Emblem bandit sisters
  • The Rainbow Orb

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First one sounds cool, more effort but probably more rewarding as a whole. also you could always throw in a pole here so you can see the reception

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Assuming these ideas will be equally complex to develop and implement, the “bandit sisters” one sounds a lot more compelling. Not least because I have a thing for female Berserkers

That said, having completed a few game projects of varying length myself, the biggest piece of advice I would recommend to a new creator (besides avoiding CharacterCreator’s clay dolls) is to focus on satisfying yourself first and the community second. We can give helpful pointers, but ultimately the guiding vision for the project needs to come from within rather than without.


THE RAINBOW ORB sounds stupid and I love it.


Ok everyone the results are in and the Bandit Sisters wins with 64% of the votes over a week. Thank you all for voting on this. If you guys have any tip or advise to things like character writing, world building or general advice I am happy to hear it.

I’d say, do the Bandit Sisters, with the Rainbow orb backstory for the big bad they’ve been fighting/a secondary antagonist that is interfering in the Bandit Sister’s fight against the empire.