I Need Help On A Blooper Hybrid!Daisy Battle Animation

Hello everyone, so I need help.

I’m currently working on my own GBA FE game project, and one of the characters in it is Daisy from the Mario series. I wanted to make a Blooper powerup animation for her, but the problem is that I’m not skilled enough to do it. It’s really a problem because I won’t be able to proceed without it.

Could anyone please help me make the animation? I’d really appreciate it if you could.

Also, I do have a design in mind for the animation. If anyone wants to see it, here’s the link. It’s spaced out, but you should be able to easily search it.

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i was gonna ask why you didn’t send the actual link
…i now understand

i can’t tell if this image is official or just straight up questionable deviantart content. either way good luck dude animations are hard to commission and even harder to get free, especially with a design that’s not as humanoid

i don’t want to know


what would they even do in the animation? punch?

hey wait a sec who is the original artist of this

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I don’t know, it’s just an image I found online.:confused:

Well, a friend on Discord suggested the animation could work similarly to a swordmaster. She could use her tentacles to attack with quick jabs/slices.

Would anyone like to help out?

Do you have permission from the artist to use their art? You can’t just pull anything off the internet around here. We respect artists and their works.

First party content is fair game, but I highly doubt that abomination was made by anyone affiliated with nintendo.

Making people put in work even before they help you is a good way to ensure nobody helps you.


Okay, hold on, let me reply to each line of text one at a time.

Yes, I do, I contacted the person who submitted/made it online. Right, of course, I’m not going to go stealing others’ hard work, that’s just wrong.

What do you mean? I’m not trying to force people to help me, if that’s what you’re saying. That’s why I had said if anyone wants to help me, that’d be really appreciated. If I was forcing people to do it, I’d have said it with a threat, if that makes sense.

he’s saying you made us put the link together, that’s all



…Well, now I feel stupid for not realizing that.